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Sodalite Pendant
  • Sodalite Pendant

Sodalite Pendant

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  • Sodalite Pendant
  • Length:3-4 cms and width:2-3 cms(approx)
  • Material : Natural Healing Stones
  • Please See Description For Healing Properties / Stone Metaphysical Properties And Advantages.


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Metaphysical properties:-

    • Sodalite stones help to strengthen your confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.
    • It can help you to achieve emotional balance, helping you to release old wounds and patterns that no longer serve you.
    • Sodalite encourages being true to self and standing up for your beliefs. Sodalite brings inner peace. Sodalite promotes intuition and a trust in one's own judgment. 
    • Sodalite opens spiritual perception, bringing the higher mind down to the physical. It instills a drive for truth, encouraging being true to yourself.

Important information: 

Safety Information: 
  • Detergents and lotions can damage the finishing and color of the stones / crystals.
  • Chemicals, cosmetics and lotions can damage the finishing and color of the stones / crystals. 
  • So don't dip your stones / crystals in water. Jewellery should always be removed before swimming and washing dishes.
  • It can be kept in jewellery case or stored in a plastic or soft cloth bag to protect.
  • Keep it away from high temperature and direct sunlight, which may cause damage to gemstones
  • Remove any gemstone jewellery before engaging in any strenuous physical activity, such as exercise or sports.
  • Clean fashion jewellery with a soft 100% cotton.
Legal Disclaimer: 
  • All stones and crystals are created by Mother Nature and are ultimate source of positive energy.
  • Different stones and crystals have different effects in different situations and different people.
  • Their healing powers are proved but cannot be guaranteed.
  • The information provided here is just based on individual experience and should not be treated as medical advice and its results cannot be guaranteed.
  • Inadvertent use of this information will not be our responsibility.
  • This bracelet is for additional help in wellness. One should not stop the use of any kind of medicine/s prescribed by the doctor. We are not accepting any returns except any damage in delivery. 

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