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Moti Shankh ( Conch )for Wealth & Prosperity Rare and Original To Please Goddess Laxmi
  • Moti Shankh
  • Moti Shankh ( Conch )for Wealth & Prosperity Rare and Original To Please Goddess Laxmi

Moti Shankh ( Conch ) For Wealth & Prosperity, Rare and Original To Please Goddess Laxmi

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  • Dimensions: 4cm x 2 cm x 4 cm Approx
  • Weight: 12 gm Approx
  • material: Conch



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Metaphysical properties:-

Moti Shankh is a very rare type of Conch it is found along with pearls deep down in the ocean. The main benefit of the pearl conch is that it brings wealth. It is believed that Saubhagya Lakshmi who brings good luck is present in the Moti Shankh. This information is found in the Brahma Vaivarta Purana and this is the chief importance of the Shankha. It is believed that presence of Moti Shankh in the home will bring good fortune as it is the residence of Goddess Saubhagya Lakshmi. Success immediately comes through the position of Moti Shankh. Puja should be performed to it daily. The puja is similar to one performed to Goddess Lakshmi. It is used for resolution of legal and court related matters, success in business and promotion in employment.

    It makes the Moon Strong.

    Moti Shankh gives mental peace.

    Moti Shankh energizes blood circulation

Its very use ful for laxmi puja on diwali and gifting it also brings financial improvement .Natural Moti shankh for goddess Laxmi puja on diwali . .

The bright aura like beads called pearl shell.

As worship Moti shankh  is considered Vishnu and Dakshinavarti shankh Lakshmi nature. Similarly pearl shell is considered a symbol of good luck Goddess Lakshmi and also It is used for moon accomplishment.

– Home discord to destroy and to increase positive energy in water it deserve a copper filling up at the Northeast middle of it.

– If master flower to be installed at the factory on pearl shell in yoga is fast economic growth in Taiwan.

– taken with water filling Lakshmi picture pearl shell is a delight Lakshmi.

– Rose set in the pearl shell in an auspicious constellation or Diwali.

– If there is a loss of business to increase business by hiring a pearl shell money home.

– night in the water tend to be filled to keep the morning over the face of the spots to massage the face with her face gets Kantiyukt.

– It is good! Crop planting in the field the next day of worship filled seeds. It also showed an experiment.

– patient person does it speedy recovery put water feeding it.

This shell has great significance in Ayurveda. If water is stored in the shell it gains amazing medicinal properties and with it several physical defects can be cured.

    Store some water overnight in this shell and the next morning rub the water on your skin. This cures all skin problems.

    Store water in the shell for 12 hours. Then rub it on white spots on the skin. Do this regularly. After some days the white spots shall disappear and healthy skin shall reappear.

    If you suffer from stomach related problems or if there is a wound in the intestines, then early in the morning drink a spoonful of water kept in the shell for 12 hours. This shall cure the problem.

    Mix water kept in the shell for 12 hours in ordinary water and early in the morning wash your eyes with it. Doing this regularly for some time shall cure all eye related problems. The eyes become perfectly healthy and one need not even wear spectacles in the future. This shell is said to represent Goddess Lakshmi. Hence keeping this shell at home in one’s place of worship helps one gain the blessing of the Goddess.

    Early in the morning take some water in the shell and pour it into a bucket of water. Bathe with this water. This shall bring you good luck and fame.

    Those who wish to remain ever beautiful and have a unique radiance reflecting from their features should surely try this process.

    If the shell is rubbed gently on the whole body the body starts to appear healthy, handsome and radiant.

    If you have dark circles under your eyes which are marring your facial beauty, rub the shell gently on those spots early in the morning. This is a sure way of making the spots disappear.


ॐ नमः मोती शंखाय मम शरीरस्थ असाध्य रोग शीघ्र मुक्ती प्रदान कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ||


Om Namah Moti Shankhaaya Mam Sharirastha Aasaadhya Rog Shighra Mukti Pradan Kuru Kuru Swaha ||

Important information: 

Safety Information: 
  • Detergents and lotions can damage the finishing and color of the stones / crystals.
  • Chemicals, cosmetics and lotions can damage the finishing and color of the stones / crystals. 
  • So don't dip your stones / crystals in water. Jewellery should always be removed before swimming and washing dishes.
  • It can be kept in jewellery case or stored in a plastic or soft cloth bag to protect.
  • Keep it away from high temperature and direct sunlight, which may cause damage to gemstones
  • Remove any gemstone jewellery before engaging in any strenuous physical activity, such as exercise or sports.
  • Clean fashion jewellery with a soft 100% cotton.
Legal Disclaimer: 
  • All stones and crystals are created by Mother Nature and are ultimate source of positive energy.
  • Different stones and crystals have different effects in different situations and different people.
  • Their healing powers are proved but cannot be guaranteed.
  • The information provided here is just based on individual experience and should not be treated as medical advice and its results cannot be guaranteed.
  • Inadvertent use of this information will not be our responsibility.
  • This bracelet is for additional help in wellness. One should not stop the use of any kind of medicine/s prescribed by the doctor. We are not accepting any returns except any damage in delivery. 
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