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Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Bowl with Ball

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  • Weight: - 2 to 3 kg
  • Natural Healthcare product


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  • Weight: - 2 to 3 KG IMPROVES MOOD AND CONCENTRATION: Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is a great way to naturally improve your mood. It is effective in helping you to relax and unwind at the end of the day. It also improves concentration due to the negative ions in your body thereby improving the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain and other organs in the body.
  • NEUTRALIZES ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION: Long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation causes serious health conditions like chronic fatigue, increased stress levels and decrease in the effectiveness of the immune system. As our rock salt emits negative ions into the air, it neutralizes electromagnetic radiation. Keep it next to your computer, television and other electrical devices that you use on a regular basis to protect you and your family from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation.
  • REDUCES ALLERGY AND ASTHMA SYMPTOMS: Because Magic Salt Himalayan Salt Lamp removes microscopic particles of dust, mold, mildew and pet dander from the surrounding air, it is beneficial to place it in the rooms where you spend majority of your time to cut back on allergy symptoms. People suffering from asthma will notice a big difference after using our therapeutic lamp for a week or two.
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps (Natural Healthcare product) A Himalayan Salt Lamps can best be described as one word- ART. It is a product that is a natural work of art. It will serve dual purposes, beautifying and cleansing the home. Himalayan Salt Lamp is carved out from the salt mines of the foothills of the famous Himalayan Mountain Range. The Himalayan salt lamp emits a rather warm-orange reddish glow.
  • The orange glow creates a soothing sensation that leads to a calm and peaceful environment. Thus the reason why the Himalayan lamp is regarded as a lamp with a positive energy. They improve the mood in a building. Health Benefits. Over the years, it has been accepted that the Himalayan salt lamp has several health benefits. Its primary function is to cleanse and deodorize the air. This is the main reason why people use it. They clear the surrounding of dirt like dust and pollen. They also clear cigarette smoke and other possible air contaminants. The lamps are used to cleanse the air. They attract water molecules from their surroundings. The water molecules contain contaminants. Both water and its contaminants are absorbed by the salt lamps.
  • They are very useful for those with allergic reactions or asthma. The Himalayan salt lamps cleanse the air and eliminate microscopic particles. These particles are found in dust, pet dander, mildew and others from the surrounding air. Their removal makes the environment safe. Himalayan salt lamps generate negative ions which is beneficial. Positive ions will sap the energy out of our body while negative ions increase our energy levels. The Himalayan lamp tends to increase the energy level of our body. Thus making us active when we need it the most. It is useful for people that are constantly tired. A Himalayan salt lamp in the room will raise their energy levels

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