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Ashtadhatu Kada

  • Ashtadhatu Kada
  • A Gorgeous looking Kada or bracelet just suits wrist of everybody. This can be used by both boys, girls and all elderlies.
  • According to Ayurveda, such kada touches skin and attracts energy to cure Arthritis, rheumatic symptoms and improvers blood circulations
  • This Kada is durable, Rustproof, strong yet light weight so it can be used in daily wear easily
  • For Maximum Health Benifits. Made From High Quality Anti-Allergy Copper With Other Health Benificial 8 Metal Alloys, Which Justifies Name "Asht-Dhatu".. Adjustable Size. Good For Men And Women
  • Mix Metal "Asht-Dhatu" Health Benificial Bangle Bracelet Free Size Adjustable Kada bracelet
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Wealth Money Cash Box
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Auspicious Sriparni Wealth Money...

Size- 10 x 5.5 X 4 Inches
Made from most auspicious Sriparni wood
Use this as a money box
Keep this box in the money zone (North/West Direction if possible)
It is believed that Goddess Laxmi is present in the Shriparni tree. The wealth box made out of Shriparni wood helps to improve money luck
Recommended by Vastu consultant
You can also keep it in your office or factory
You can also give as a gift to anyone on auspicious occasion or as a birthday gift
Excellent gift on the occasion of housewarming, pooja etc.

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Brass Tri-shakti Yantra (Swastik...

  • Size: 5.5 inch | Pieces : 2 |
  • This is an auspicious sign to place on a wall or the entrance of your home and make it thrice-blessed. The 'trishul' is a symbol of protection that guards your home and family against misfortune. 'Om' is believed to be the seed sound of the cosmos, and creates positive vibrations in and around your abode. The 'swastik' is a traditional sign that stands for a warm welcome to all your guests.

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Chintamani Stone, Tektite Stone

  • Dimensions: 2cm x 1 cm x 0.5 cm Approx
  • material: stone
  • Chintamani  is a wish-fulfilling jewel within both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, said by some to be the equivalent of the philosopher's stone in Western alchemy. It is one of several Mani Jewel images found in Buddhist scripture. Within Hinduism, it is connected with the gods, Vishnu and Ganesha. In Hindu tradition it is often depicted as a fabulous jewel in the possession of Vishnu as Kaustubha Mani or as on the forehead of the Naga king called as Naga Mani or on the forehead of the Makara.

  • Cintamani (Chintamani) is the stone with the highest vibration of all stones known. It awakens you to your mission, strengthens your inner guidance and contact with your higher self, and dissolves implants and outdated belief systems.

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Brahma Pyramid Single Grid with sriparni Wooden Plate- Vastu Correction
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Energized Brahma Pyramid Single...

  • Brahma Pyramid Single Grid with sriparni wooden plate - Vastu correction for the centre (brahmasthan) Vastu Solution for the center of the house.
  • Navagraha Pyramid represents wealth, blessing, growth and assimilation. Navgrah Pyramid possesses divine mystical power, which enhances your opportunities and fame.
  • Navagraha pyramid is used for energizing this pyramid, so that it gives you the power of all nine planets, covering all phase of life; let it be love, family, business and health.
  • Kitchen in the center is a serious Vastu defect. Place Brahma pyramid in the flooring, Pillar in the center is a major Vastu defect. Place Brahma pyramid near the pillar to reduce the impact.
  • Brahma Pyramid Single Grid with sriparni wooden plate removes the negative impact of center Vastu defect. Size - 6 x 6 inches, Weight - 325 grams approx. Highly recommended by Vastu Experts & consultant.

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Sri Yantra Plate, sri yantra, Shri yantra, crystal grid
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Energized Sri Yantra Plate, Sri...

Size: 11.8 Inches Approx, ( L x W x H ): 30 cm x 30 cm x2 cm, Weight 700grams Approx.

Material - MDF Polished.

    Shree means Lakshmi (wealth) and so Shree Yantra is called as Lakshmi yantra also. It should be put in safe, office, locker or worship place. Shree Yantra used to help in career growth, name, fame.

    It is believed a befitting gift for good luck these Shree yantras are supposed to bring life, cheer, and peace at the places where they are placed and reduce negativity etc.

    Shri Yantra Attractive Pure Shree/Shri Laxmi Yantra for Pooja, Good Luck, Success, Wealth, Health, Prosperity, Protection, and Remove negative energy Home Office Decor Vastu Products item. 

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Energized Wooden Sriparni Sri...

  • Size: 6 Inches Approx, ( L x W x H ): 14.5 cm x 14.5 cm x1.5 cm, Weight 130 grams Approx
  • It is believed that Goddess Laxmi is present in the Shriparni tree. The Shri (Shree) yantra made out of Shriparni wood gives prosperity. It keeps you wealthy & healthy.
  • Sriparni (sevan or saven) Shri Yantra Beautifully Hand Carved Vastu Product for Home & Office. Made from High Auspicious sriparni wood ( Wood in Which Godess Lakshmi Ji Resides) happy, stable, prosperous & healthy life, progress in the Business.

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