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Punerphoo Yoga Kavach, Vish Yog Kavach, Punarphoo Dosha Kavach
Vastu Metal Strip 50 qty
Remedywala 50 Vastu Metal Strips (10 Pieces each metal) 8,500.00 Add to cart
Copper and Stainless Steel Strip Combo
Vastu Copper Stud (3 Inch) (3 Pieces)
Vastu Copper Stud (3 Inch) (3 Pieces) 330.00 Add to cart
Ashoka Pillar / Ashoka Stambh
Ashoka Pillar / Ashoka Stambh 750.00 Add to cart

Best Selling Remedies

Vastu Aluminium Strip
Copper strip
Iron strip
Brass Strip
Vastu Steel Strip

Energy Vastu Products

Toilet Remedy
Remedywala Vastu Toilet Pacifier
Remedywala Vastu Toilet Pacifier 2,100.00 Add to cart
Virtual Entry
Vastu Virtual Entry Opener
Vastu Virtual Entry Opener 2,100.00 Add to cart
Entry Blocker
Entrance Blocker Door Blocker Entry Blocker
Virtual Wall
Vastu Zone Correction - (Zone Cutter for Space Surgery)
Praise Devtas
Vastu Brahmbooster Medium Kit
Geo Neutralizer Kit
Vastu Geo Neutralizer Small Kit
Vastu Geo Neutralizer Small Kit 15,000.00 Add to cart


Yellow Aventurine Bracelet
Rosequartz & yellow aventurine
Litham Quartz Tumble Stone Bracelet
Larvakite Tumble Stone Bracelet
Strawberry Quartz Tumble Stone Bracelet
Sunstone Tumble Stone Bracelet
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